Learn V-ray online and obtain a 5SRW certification for V-ray

CGworld Pte Ltd is offering an exclusive online course for v-ray users. The course is known as 5-Step Render Workflow. By undergoing this v-ray course one will be able to use v-ray as a real DSLR c…

Source: Learn V-ray online and obtain a 5SRW certification for V-ray


Why can’t men take a hint when a woman is interested in them?

Because men are people. Men, just like women, are afraid of rejection.
If a woman is giving “hints,” it means she’s too scared to be direct. Well, guess what? Hints are ambiguous. That means it is possible to misinterpret a hint. Men, like women, are also scared of rejection; men, like women, may not want to follow up on a hint because what if they interpreted it wrong and they get rejected?
Giving hints is a cowardly action. It’s a way of saying “I am too scared to be direct, so I want you to take a risk I am afraid to take myself.”

How to Build a House Yourself

Building a house yourself is easier than most people think, albeit time consuming, if you decide to supervise construction yourself and forego the architect or construction contractor, you will save money, acquire a couple of management skills and experience that can be translated to other areas of your life or expertise.

home in nigeria

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