MI Abaga – iLLegal Music III (The Finale)

The first time I heard MI rap in 2000, his flow was incredible, his diction was vast and most importantly his bars were audible.


Fast forward to 2009 and I was sold when i heard him rap on DJ Neptune’s “123” , saying — “microphone testing/ is there any question?/ i’m the most interesting, the best thing since best things, cardiac arresting/ lyrically molesting they chest and the rest have no resting/ listen, i’m the rapper ladies are requesting/ and the one these other dudes suggesting that they other dudes listen to/ ‘cos i got my crew and our mission is to violate the status quo, the baddest bro/ i am 5 mic material, flow majesterial..” — no emoji can accurately portray my reaction when i heard these mind blowing bars, Jerry (@jayreson) can testify, I went down on my knees, put my forehead on the ground like i was about to say prayers as i proclaimed “MI is god!!!”

123 remix was released later that year, it featured Naeto-C and the late yoruba rap polymath Dagrin, equally sick track and i still listen to it everyday 6 years later.

Presently, MI has still got the juice, so little wonder his newest project Illegal Music 3 has the rap world buzzing again and deservedly so.

My favorite song on Illegal Music 3 is titled “NotJustOK Savage” , M’ lays the smackdown on bloggers and media personalities who talk trash about him and make silly rap lists, rapping soulfully over Burna Boy’s “jeun so ke” beat.

MI  Uncle MI moves a step closer to my dad Jay Z with this one.

Download iLLegal Music 3 here


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