Essential iPhone apps

One of the first question that comes to mind when you unbox an iPhone is “what apps do I download?”

Say no more, I’ve compiled a list of some essential and my most favorite free iPhone apps, please note some of these apps are also available for android devices in the google playstore and are compatible with iPad.



vector free Vector Free

Vector is an action packed game with immersive levels, the character performs parkours as he escapes from his all-seeing big brother boss.


xender Xender

With xender you can send and receive multimedia files from other smartphone users using wifi, xender does not consume your data.


score Score

Score classic and latest world goals in this beautifully designed game, you can score world cup goals as they were scored by the players in real life, you can also score club goals from all your favorite European leagues.


race in car Racing in car

Tilt your screen to control this BMW as you cruise through the freeway in this pseudo racing game, be sure to avoid running into other cars on the road. enjoy your ride.


timberman Timberman

Timberman is back with that retro  nintendo feel, you can play this game while queuing up, its really easy and interesting, let’s see if you can beat my 200 highscore.


tinder Tinder

Hook up with interesting people nearby with tinder, if you’re new in town you might just find a plug, fling, or life partner. Connect tinder to your facebook account and get swiping.


google maps Google maps

Better than the default apple maps app and offers offline maps, you’ll be glad you downloaded this app when its midnight and you cant find your way home. Google maps is excellent for travelers and visitors in a new city.


relic run Relic run

I do not know exactly what Lara is running away from in this game but the graphics are dope, shoot monsters and perform Tomb Raider style parkours, drive quad-bikes, collect relics and kill the T-rex if you’re skilled enough to go very far.


shazam Shazam!

Never ask “whats the name of that song playing on the radio?” again, just Shazam it!


quora Quora

Quora is the best place to learn, ask questions about space travel and a real life astronaut might just answer you, quora is a great app for the curious at heart and i can literally feel my IQ increase everytime i read answers on quora.


the branch The Branch

Flip through the branch in this simple but complex game every second counts. Showed my friends and they all liked it.


telegram Telegram

Telegram is a pretty neat instant messaging app, developed by Russians its very secure and a very good alternative to whatsapp if you want to keep a low profile.


quiz up Quiz Up

Go toe to toe (or finger to finger) with people from around the world with this trivia app, good way to kill time, challenge smart people and learn something new.


verticus Verticus

Expect nothing less than Marvel-ous from this game developed by Stan Lee, save the world and obliterate obliterators, i strongly recommend this one, it’s Stan Lee mate!!



Anyone who played little big adventure in the 90’s would be happy to find Twinsen is back to save the day on your iOS device, this is a free roaming fantasy game, a true classic and makes me nostalgic. i hardly play it now but i played it alot growing up and its consoling to know i have this game just sitting in my phone.


jetpack joyride Jetpack Joyride

Join Barry Steakfries as he runs AMOK in this contra-style 2D ass kicking game. Be sure to complete missions and see if you can beat my highscore of 6300 meters.


flappy bird Flappy Bird

This game went viral when it was first released in 2013, it is still a valid cure for boredom today, my high score is 175, beat that!


photogrid Photogrid

Edit your images and make great collages (or pic stitches) with this app. very essential


flick qb Flick QB

3D X-Box style graphics will get you hooked on this game even if you dont know the rules of football, it’s very simple, just throw the damn ball son!



MSQRD app was released this year 2016 and has already gone viral, its been adopted by many celebrities and UK’s Pop sensation Example even shot a video with it. The app transforms your face to an ape, iron man, Obama, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West etc. try it out.


dictionary Dictionary

The dictionary app is essential, comes in handy when you need to learn a new word, pronunciation or use a thesaurus. it works with your internet connection but you can download over 50,000 words to access while offline.


dictionary offline Dictionary

Another good dictionary app that does not require an internet connection to work.


convert free Convert Free

Convert SI units on the go with this app, recommended for architects, engineers, surveyors and science guys.


colin mcrae rally Colin McRae Rally

Very realistic off road rally racing game, tilt your screen to steer and get lost in its immersive mobile gaming experience.


Brushes redux Brushes Redux

One of my favorite apps, convert your phone to a sketch pad and create beautiful art with this app, most of the drawings in the “artwork” section of this website were created using brushes redux.


baller legends Baller Legends

Become Steph Curry and shoot sick shots, perform mad dunks and rule the court in this wonderful single shooter basketball game.


amazing spy Amazing Spy

The game looks very simple at first but becomes annoying as you realise you cant even score as low 10 without losing 100 times 😛 i challenge you to beat my 61 highscore in this game, seems impossible to score 61 on your first 60 attempts but with little practice you’ll soon get a hang of it.


4 pics 1 word 4 Pics 1 Word

See how smart you are at guessing words by just looking at picture clues with this trivia game.


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