Why You Need an Architect

Many prospective home owners attempting to save costs choose not to hire an architect’s services when planning their home and this could have consequences in the future.


Anybody can design a house to some degree but an architect is a trained professional for a reason, a good architect will never compromise on quality when purchasing materials to construct your home, buying low quality materials may seem to be a cheap solution in the short term but it is always certainly an expensive mistake. Low quality materials wear out quickly and usually require frequent maintenance or replacements thus leading to more expenses and inconveniences to the client. Always heed your architect’s specifications when purchasing building materials for your new home, your future self will thank you for this.

An architect considers several important factors unique to your site that an ordinary builder or mason may over look, these include passive cooling measures such as placing the building with due consideration to the cardinal points east and west, the sun rises from the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening, a good architect first attempts to orient your building with its width directly facing the east and west respectively leaving the longer sides of the building i.e the lenght facing north and south away from direct sunshine during the day, this orientation exposes the side of the building with the greater surface area away from direct sunlight thus lowering the overall temperature of your home during hot summers in turn saving you money on electricity bills while running your air conditioning during the day.

Many things can go wrong during construction and an architect is there to lead the construction team in an efficient manner because delays in construction usually come with financial consequences, delays range from workers intentionally slowing down the pace of work to get an extra day’s pay, the truck guy delaying your supply of sand, pilferers stealing materials etc. Who will motivate the workers? who will contact an alternate supplier? The Architect, if delays pile up, the client ends up paying much more than they originally planned to. A single day’s delay can see price of commodities go up. The Architect is always up on his feet to make sure the logistics run smoothly because it’s his responsibility and he always takes the blame when things go wrong regardless of whose fault it was.

An Architect will produce accurate bills of quantities, material specifications, doors and windows schemes, plumbing and electrical details, in addition to intricate working drawings and fancy 3D models of your future home (like the one I designed displayed in this post).

There are many other factors we consider when designing your new home and the reasons stated above are not exhaustive. Personally I create designs to be comfortable for the inhabitants, have little negative impacts to the environment, be cost effective and easy to construct.


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